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TOEFL iBT® test

This is a test which evaluates your aptitude to employ the English language in an effective manner at the university level. It assesses how you merge your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills for academic purposes.


TOEFL iBT® test is the widely accepted, world renowned computer based English proficiency test. It is one the most cost effective English Proficiency Test which is accepted far and wide by all Australian universities, and other Australian visas, with a completely fair and impartial scoring system.

In comparison to other English proficiency test TOEFL® has several advantages and it gives you an edge over other candidates

Widely accepted among students and universities: Statistically TOEFL® is the English language that is most popular among students and their scores are sent to most countries around the world be it Australia, USA, Canada and so on. TOEFL® is also English-language test most preferred by universities for all graduate programs ad post study work programs.

Admission into university of choice: It has been seen that more than 90 percent of TOEFL® takers get admission into their university of choice if they get the requisite scores

Classroom success: TOEFL® is by far the only test that qualifies you for an academic level of English that you would face in a university set up. Test questions in TOEFL® have the right combination of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills just as what you would find in a university or classroom arrangement. TOEFL® test equips you to turn up at university much better than those who have not taken this test.

Impartial and fair test: Test centres are not designated to carry out scoring or marking these tests. This is done through a centralized scoring network. This Speaking section has multiple raters and the test takers identity remains anonymous. All this helps keep the test impartial and fair and thereby makes the free of any bias which some other tests may have as a result of face to face interview with a single rater.

TOEFL® Test takers

There are more than 30 million test takers from across the globe who take this English language test to find out their proficiency in this universal language and use it as a permit for a variety of reasons. The English skill level ranges between intermediate to advanced

  • Work /skilled migration visa
  • Graduate program and post study work visa
  • English language learners
  • Scholarship candidates
  • Permanent Residence visa

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