Where can you use your TOEFL® Test for?

Who accepts TOEFL iBT®

While the TOEFL iBT® is widely accepted internationally, many students still ask about how wide spread the acceptance is in Australia.

All universities in Australia accept TOEFL iBT® scores for student admission. Since the year 2011, international students have applied to universities in Australia successfully and they have accepted their TOEFL iBT® scores as a part of their student visa applications. TOEFL iBT® is that one such test that students need to take to apply to any university in Australia.

Towards the end of year 2014, TOEFL iBT® was accepted to meet the English language prerequisites for visas, both temporary and permanent. As a prerequisite, TOEFL iBT® is also accepted in Australia for PR. Both sponsored and independent visas need TOEFL iBT® to fulfil its preliminary needs.

Some examples of where you can use TOEFL iBT® to apply for are:

  • Study, Post-Study
  • Work and Holiday
  • Business
  • Skilled Migration

Here is a summary of TOEFL iBT® test which are accepted by DIBP. The table below shows it all.

Minimum TOEFL® Score Requirements for Australian Visas

English-language Proficiency Level Test Component TOEFL iBT® Score
Functional Total Score 32
Total Score: 35
Listening 4
Reading 4
Writing 14
Speaking 14
Total Score: 60
Listening 12
Reading 13
Writing 21
Speaking 18
Total Score: 94
Listening 24
Reading 24
Writing 27
Speaking 23
Total Score: 110
Listening 28
Reading 29
Writing 30
Speaking 26

Score Reports

Approximately 10 days after your test date is what it takes for your scores to be online on your TOEFL iBT® account. Requesting a physical copy may take 12-14 days to receive.

Outside of Australia

Over 10,000 universities and institutes all over the world spread over 120 countries accept TOEFL® scores. Many other organizations and departments consider this as a legitimate English proficiency test and valid document. These are:-

  • Residential and work visas issues by Immigration departments
  • For professional certification many registered, licensing agencies as well as medical bodies use them
  • Individuals need them to evaluate their improvement in learning English

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